Notice to Canadian Customers. As an Ontario retailer advertising (via the internet) and selling to other provinces in Canada, and shipping products to those provinces, we are required to collect and remit GST/HST/PST, in those provinces where it is applicable. This is reflected in our checkout system when you place your order. For more information click Here.

For Canadian shipped orders - As you know Canada is a large country. Unlike in the US, we can't obtain standardized shipping prices to cover whole provinces or regions. Before placing an order for your POD  please Contact Us , so that we can obtain a personalized shipping quote for your location.

For Southern Ontario (which is close to the factory) In an area bounded by Owen Sound, Kitchener, Hamilton, Metro Toronto, Barrie, to Kinston, it's normally $250.00. This local price does not include the fuel surcharge, which is currently 15%, plus HST.

Pick Up is always available for free at our Shallow Lake, ON (near Owen Sound) factory.




POD is checked, then packed in large double corrugated boxes at the factory
POD ships in Four boxes Shrink wrapped and bundled 
on custom pallets
Dome and Wall  boxes weigh < 100 lbs. each Boxes have built in handles and "This Way Up" markings as well as easy to read color codes
POD Bay boxes weigh > 100 lbs each Someone must be at the receiving end to receive and assist with boxes
Notification of order and shipment progress  
Pick Up! Come by mule team, wagon train, dog sled, convoy, pickup truck, RV, trailer, or plane to our factory in Shallow Lake, Ontario, and pick up your order for $0 shipping or handling.

You Ship! If you can find a better shipping rate for your POD delivery you're welcome to arrange pick up by your carrier at the POD factory.

We Ship Please see facts higher up the page.

Bulk Shipping to One Location For Three or More PODs, or Retailer bulk orders Click Here for a Quote


Estimated Canadian Shipping Rates
Toronto TBD
Ottawa TBD
Windsor TBD
Kitchener TBD
Montreal TBD
Quebec City TBD
Halifax TBD
Winnipeg TBD
Regina TBD
Edmonton TBD
Calgary TBD
Vancouver TBD
Victoria TBD



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