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Join the thousands of POD owners around the world who've experienced the joy of POD ownership, and a more active astronomical life. Join our Yahoo Discussion groups and get advice and tips from hundreds of POD owners around the world. Browse the POD Raw Gallery to view a sample of them. To date we have hundreds and hundreds of photos to browse. More photos arriving every day. We look forward to receiving yours soon.


Red Neck Wind Tests 
POD passed wind tests with flying colors! Watch an 8 minute video of POD being wind tested on the back of a flat bed trailer.

Click Here to view the video in various formats and web locations.

SkyShed POD backyard observatory dome observatory mobile observatory for Celestron Meade and other popular telescopes
POD Dimensions
 Top   Click Here to view POD dimensions in more depth.

POD Configurations 
POD can be configured in a number of different patterns, from a standard POD with no add on POD Bays, to up to 5 Bays added. We offer package prices on a POD with three bays - POD XL3, and five Bays - POD XL5.

You are not limited to 3 or 5 Bays. You can add any number from 1-5 Bays to suit your needs.  Click Here to view configuration drawings.

Check your scope, mount fit & pier height You can check to see how your scope fits into the POD with this nifty piece of software designed by POD customer Ian Shatwell of the U.K.

Download small zip file

POD Zenith Table! or PZT For those who want easier zenith access with some scopes. How about slewing through zenith from horizon to horizon, and not having to move the dome all night? As with POD without the PZT, you need no motors, no chains, no need to interface the dome and scope. No problems. Way more time for imaging. Longer duration images.




POD Visor For those with neighboring lights, the POD Visor allows you to temporarily turn your Clam Shell Dome into a Slotted Dome, in about 3 seconds. Provides slightly more wind and dew protection as a fringe benefit.

Lightweight and low cost, the POD Visor is a great addition to your POD for those in urban settings. More...



Cooling POD In High Temperatures  Top
Like any outdoor structure POD can come under tremendous heat from the sun. The material used to create POD can withstand temperatures into the hundreds of degrees. Your  equipment inside may not.

Approaching the problem of temperature in a passive, "green", fashion is our first choice for cooling in temps above 100 degrees F.

POD's double wall provides up to 3" of air insulation between walls. In addition, the gap between the POD dome and wall creates passive "surround" ventilation. In extreme temps this may not be sufficient to provide adequate cooling for sensitive equipment. (See Insulation and Heavier Bays Option below)

The easiest solution is to open the door or dome which will equalize the inside of the dome to outside temps within minutes.

If additional cooling is needed, an oscillating fan can be added. Set it in a Bay with a timer to come on during the hottest part of the day.

Even a tower air conditioner can be added in a Bay for severe conditions like high temp desert locations. Many cooling solutions are available. Use your imagination. Find more info about coolling solutions in the POD Yahoo Discussion Group.

Ecomate Insulated Wall Panels/Heavier Bays Option We perfected a method of filling the POD walls with hardened foam insulation.  Not only does this make the already strong walls incredibly strong, it cuts out IR waves, UV waves, and visible light.

The thick insulation helps keep outside hot and cold temps on the outside in extreme environments. Click Here for more info and larger views.

Ecomate® Awarded The IBEX Environmental Award!

In addition, since we can''t insulate the POD Bay, we add 15 lbs of more HDPE to create a "Heavy" Bay at 50 lbs when you choose the Insulation and Heavier Bay option. This makes the already strong Bay even stronger, helps keep IR waves out, and aids in cooling in hot temps.


POD Colors  Top
Choose the Dome/Wall/Bay color combination that best suits your location and lifestyle. 

Dome Colors

Discovery White Lunar Gray Desert Tan Midnight Gray  Forest Green Hunter Green Cobalt Blue

Wall and Bay Colors

Discovery White Lunar Gray Desert Tan Midnight Gray Forest Green Hunter Green Cobalt Blue


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