10 Foot Planisphere

10 Foot Planisphere


10′ Giant Planisphere Flooring! – A real working Planisphere Star Chart.

With our simple instructions you can stand on a date anywhere around the edge of the Planisphere and see which major stars and deep sky objects are above you in the sky at that time.

Great as a teaching aid for science/astronomy education, or as cool flooring for your home or office.

Designed originally for use in POD MAX observatories, in conjunction with the best U.K. Map and Planisphere maker. We took a hand held version of a great Planisphere and found a way to make it work in a giant size.

Made from premium "trade-show" quality vinyl flooring. Designed for high traffic. The graphics are below the surface and won't scratch off.

Comes in 10' circle, or 10' circle on 10' square background with black corner edges. Can be cut through the centre to fit around pier if being used in an observatory.

Shipping to Cont. USA and Canada.

Note- Too large to be used in SkyShed POD 8'. Appropriate for use in the Northern Hemisphere


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