SkyShed POD – Mark I

SkyShed POD - Mark I

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Please choose your dome and wall colors and if you'd like the heavier wall option (+$275). See below for details.
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SkyShed POD Mark I

Includes - 1 Original POD Dome, 5 Original POD Wall Panels, 1 Door Panel, Assembly Hardware and an Assembly USB. To see more of our colour choices in action, please visit our Owners Gallery. Our customers love to send us photos of their POD’s so browse our massive collection of photos to see what colour you’d like best.

Heavier Wall Panels Option: Original POD Wall Panels are plenty strong enough already. But what the heck, we can make a 20+% heavier thicker version for even more strength and make it optional. Adds $275 to the price of the POD.



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Reviews 1

1 review for Protected: SkyShed POD – Mark I

Melissa Thompson-Flynn

Without repeating what others have said about the POD’s value, durability, and enhancement of the hobby of amateur astronomy (all of which is very true!), I want to add that I have found this to be a female-friendly owner experience. As a woman in my 60s, I was able to successfully complete the construction of my POD over several days with relative ease and with only minimal assistance from my partner. No worries if you’re not into power tools; not only are they not required, they’re actually strongly discouraged. As a side note, the user’s group is an invaluable resource for tips and tricks relating to construction, weather sealing, power and wifi, LED lighting, observing chairs, floor coverings, and myriad other topics. I strongly recommend both the Sky Shed POD and its online user’s group for serious, and semi-serious, amateur astronomers, women and men alike.

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