Quick Release Brackets

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Quick Release Brackets


3 Quick release brackets for your D.I.Y POD Zenith Table.

Package Includes:
– 3 QRB Brackets
– 9 Cap-Socket Bolts
– 3 Stainless Handles and;
– An Allen Wrench

Quick Release Brackets are for POD owners who create their own PZT (POD Zenith Table), and would like to add the ability to quickly release their dome brackets without having to unscrew the dome brackets from the dome. QRBs are made from stainless steel and include stainless cap socket screws that replace the original button head dome bracket screws.

When you use the quick release brackets you only use 3 dome brackets and 2 dome brackets are unused.

QRB's fit all POD models and retrofit to all existing PODs. They are also included in the PZT hardware Kit. Package includes 3 brackets.


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