We've been distributing SkyShed POD thru our friends at Altair Astro in the UK/EU for over a decade. Due to the value of the Euro/Pound, plus VAT, plus re-shipping, plus dealer margins, we have found that it's faster and can sometimes be less costly (total costs) to ship direct from our factory to you.

Having said that, please bear in mind that the cost of shipping alone is usually greater than $1,500 US, and can be over $2,500 US to ship directly to you, or to a sea or air terminal near you. 

Contact us directly for quote.

We will continue to work with our excellent friends at Altair Astro on SkyShed Piers and SkyShed POD MAX


POD is now in AU/N.Z./Oceania! For more information contact us Here. POD is distributed in AU/N.Z. by Telescopes & Astronomy

For a list of international Retailers and Distributors, and links to them, please visit the Retailers page



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