Many POD owners have videos on their Facebook pages and websites, so they are scattered around the internet. Here are a few we grabbed off of YouTube.
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POD Owner Videos
Ed Hitchcocks's "PODumentary" André Vaillancourt opening his SkyShed POD with POD Visor André Vaillancourt operating a Celestron C14 in his SkyShed POD
Mike Weasner opening and operating in his POD Four hours of automated imaging of Fred Therrmann's POD Allan Sobryan's POD Assembly Scrapbook

POD Owner Slide Show 2nd Part

POD Owner Slide Show 1st Part

Tim with a great prep video
POD Features Videos
The famous Red Neck Wind Test Time Lapse of POD Being Assembled POD Inline Skate Wheels
POD Dome Cover POD on Discovery Channel  
POD Visor
POD Visor - First Look POD Visor Operation -1 POD Visor Operation -2
POD Zenith Table (PZT)
PZT in Action - First Look Sliding the dome on and off the PZT David Aylsworth Dome and DIY PZT
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