PZT Hardware Kit

PZT Hardware Kit


The PZT (POD Zenith Table) allows you to easily slide your POD dome off and on, turning your clam shell dome into a “slide off” observatory. The best of both worlds!


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PZT kit works with all POD models and retro fits to all existing PODs. The PZT kit comes in handy for those with large scopes like 11", 12", or 14" SCTs, or GE's, and allows a fast and easy access to zenith and beyond.

The PZT sits flush with the bottom of the primary dome flange and the outside Wall/Bays. Whenever you want, simply and easily slide the entire open dome onto the PZT. POD Meets Roll Off. The Best of Both Worlds!

Replacing the dome bracket screws with Quick Release Brackets means the brackets come off easily by hand, no tools needed. QRBs are included in the PZT Hardware Kit.

The PZT is 30" deep, meaning with or without any mount offset, you get a full and clear view way past zenith. In any scope type. From Horizon to Horizon! 

You can also move the dome around on the PZT, or secure it to the table. Polyethylene is almost "self lubricating". This means it slides great on finished plywood. The POD chamfered, double walled flange, makes it slide easier than trying to plane into the wood like a single wall dome might.

PZT is made from stackable pieces.

It may sound radical to some, but those of us with roll offs are used to rolling off our roof. In that case, a long way, and a much greater weight. By easily sliding your POD dome back a couple of feet, you have way past zenith and still get lots of wind protection with the dome slid off in the direction of the prevailing wind. Kind of like a motorcycle windshield. You may have to use your scope dew heater a little more, but your equipment will be fine in the Bays, or inside the wall. It's a small trade off for the views that are available.

Using the PZT you have all the advantages of the innovative POD dome design for regular observing and photographing, PLUS the ability to image for hours through zenith, with about 30 seconds of preparation and little effort. The table can be used from time to time when you want to focus on targets which slew through zenith, or, seasonally, rarely, or nightly.

What you get: 
All hardware needed to construct your own U-Shaped PZT with a total depth of 30", including:

  • 3 Quick Release Brackets with hand crafted handles
  • 4 Steel Support Poles
  • 4 Hand Crafted Upper Wall Support Brackets
  • 4 Hand Crafted Lower Wall Support Brackets
  • 3 Slide On/Slide Off Ramps made from Re-HDPE
  • 3 Steel Angle Bracket Supports
  • All necessary nuts and bolts, including screws for the wood table portion of the PZT
  • Step by Step construction instructions that make your PZT very simple to create

*All steel parts are stainless or galvanized steel to resist rust

What you need to add:

  • 2 Sheets of 4' X 8' X 3/4" marine/outdoor plywood
  • 1 Tube of Wood Glue
  • 1 Can of Rust-Oleum (to paint the support brackets to match your POD color, if you so choose)
  • Exterior Paint and/or Marine Wood Varnish

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